At Punzomet, we have been implementing important industrial sustainability actions.

Energy saving measures

  • Constant renewal of electronic elements to optimize electricity consumption, both in the factory and in our offices.
  • • All areas of our facilities are equipped with LED lighting.
  • Optimization of transportation, in order to achieve the lowest possible consumption of fossil fuels.

Waste Management

  • Leftover sheet metal is scrapped and recycled after being classified according to materials and qualities by top-level approved suppliers.
  • All excess packaging (wood, plastic, etc.) is classified and separated by types of waste and disposed of in the appropriate containers for each waste. Then it is picked up by an external company responsible for destroying and/or recycling it.

Paper and cellulose derivatives

  • All paper used in our offices and factory is deposited in the containers designated for this purpose, which are collected by an external company responsible for destroying and/or recycling their contents.
  • Every day, we make progress on our “Paperless Office” project with the goal of minimizing the use of paper in our processes.
  • All administrative documentation (invoices, notifications, payroll, etc.) is generated telematically in order to reduce paper consumption.


  • Our punching and bending processes do not cause emissions of any kind and laser cutting is performed on more than 90% of the parts we manufacture by air, so no CO2 is emitted.
  • We have high-powered extractors in all welding stations in order to minimize gas emissions.
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